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NinVolution Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Note: As we are a semi-private school walk-ins are requested to call ahead to schedule a free 30min intro class.  


2024 Update: Our teenager program accepts students ages 13+, 300-430pm! Our adult classes (18+) is 430-600pm.


At NinVolution we teach Traditional Japanese Ninjutsu. This art utilizes the ancient battle-tested techniques of the Japanese Ninja and Samurai class, brought into the 21st century. We take warfare techniques and bring them to everyday people to learn how to defend themselves outside the dojo. 

Within the art we have a basis in Jujutsu (ground combat) Taijutsu (unarmed hand to hand combat) and Buki (weapons based combat).

Enroll in our martial arts academy as a family! We have special group discounts available for two or more family members. Contact our Jujutsu/Ninjutsu training center in Alexandria, VA for more information.

Call us today to learn more!


Tel: ‪(202) 670-0987‬ |  jdfriedland@ninvolution.com

18 Roth Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314

A Ninja will reach out to you shortly.

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