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  • What is NinVolution Traditional Japanese Martial Arts?
    NinVolution Traditional Japanese Martial Arts is a school focused on helping any individual grow their mind and body through the use of techniques in a modern setting, building confidence and capability through unarmed strikes, defensive skills, bodyweight manipulations, joint locks and weapons training.
  • What will I/my child learn from taking classes at NinVolution TMA?
    You will learn self-effective confidence, discipline, awareness, self-control, self-defense techniques, life skills, and ways to have fun while getting fit at the same time.
  • I want to learn self defense but I do not think i am fit enough...
    This is one of the most common questions we receive. Through our program, you will gain flexibility which exercising at the gym won't get you. Not only will you learn highly efficient self defense skills, you will also mold your body to move the way a martial artist (otherwise known as someone who understands movement of ones own body moves) should with dedicated effort.
  • Is martial arts a good choice for my child/myself?
    Yes, we will help you build confidence, awareness and need-to-know self-defense skills. It will help your personal (or child’s) mental fortitude and capabilities. We also provide leadership and mentorship opportunities to help build future professionals and community leaders.
  • How many hours a week do I have to commit to?
    The average student devotes 1-3 hours a week to help grow both their mind and body. Your weekly commitment is up to you. We all understand how hectic some schedules can be. Our classes are Saturday and Sunday every week. Our sister school Yamajiro Ninja Academy has Monday and Wednesday classes. We also offer a special program for dedicated students to attend classes at both locations.
  • How much are classes going to cost me per month?
    How much are you willing to spend to see improvement in yourself or your children? Our programs are between $110 - $200 monthly depending upon the plan you choose. Note: Just like a gym membership our rates are the same regardless of the number of classes you choose to attend each month. With our rates you are able to attend all offered classes under the choosen program. We are always looking to expand the number of classes we offer each month. So as we offer more classes your rate stays the same even as we expand our number of offered classes each month.
  • How long before I can get my black belt?
    Honestly, most people don't receive their black belt because they quit before they get cloase to testing for it. For those commited, the average time for someone to achieve black belt is 3-4 years (at least in our Eastern style martial art). However, some people achieve it faster. It all depends on your commitment to yourself and/or your child's desire and drive to achieve it. The fastest we have had someone receive a black belt in our organization has been one year, which is the exception, not the rule. They were committed in both mind and body to exceptionalism.
  • Do you train with weapons and if so what kinds?
    Yes, we train with our body as a weapon as well as with various tools (we say tools because they can be discarded or used to distract, we are not attached to them as in other arts) to include swords, staves, shuriken, rope, and many others. We also use more modern weapons like knives, umbrellas, canes, and belts to name just a few.
  • Were the techniques you teach actually used in warfare?
    Yes, these techniques were used by the Japanese ninja and samurai in war, but we practice them in a setting focused around safety and in peacetime to teach control to avoid injury and harm, as well as for real-world self-defense. Many of these tools can be used to defend yourself in a modern setting with proper application, some can be oblivious tools to an attacker (i.e keys, wallet, umbrella, pocket litter).
  • Can I learn to hide in plain sight like the ninjas in the movies?
    Yes, but there is a special ninja secret for that. (You would only learn this through attending classes.)
  • Can I learn how to throw shurikens like they do in Naruto?
    Yes, but ours real shurikens are a bit smaller but can be just as dangerous. We start training with rubber shurikens for safety and train with metal shurikens in speial seminars under professional supervision. (Only learned in the adult class).
  • Do ninjas only wear black and run around at night?
    Not as often as you might think, ninjas walk around in whatever helps them blend in to their environment, day or night. The movies dramatize the ninja as a black clad assassin but this was not the only or most common role of the ninja.
  • Can I learn to do backflips or climb sheer walls?
    Yes, if you learn the basics and build your fitness and flexability you can learn how to do these techniques. We don't start students with these skills but you can learn climbing and flipping as you progress through the ranks, as these are more advanced techniques.
  • Did samurai really walk around with swords in Japan?
    Yes, they used swords to protect themselves as well as those around them.
  • Was a samurai a profession or a part of the Caste structure in Japan?
    Originally it was a Caste and later was practiced more commonly as a profession as the years progressed.
  • Can a sword really cut through flesh and bone if sharped properly?
    Yes, a sword is a weapon dull or sharp. If used properly and sharpened it can be used to deadly effect, but we train with wooden or unsharpened blades mostly for safety.
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